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SEASIDE is the “GO TO” tropical fish store in all of ORANGE COUNTY since 1989. Many fish stores have come and gone due to various reasons but we have survived the test of time and continue to grow in square footage and customer satisfaction. 
We see each set-up, each coral, and each ​living species as LIVING ART. In the tradition of the most admired and talented ARTISTS of the world, each and every single aspect of your LIVING ART should be PERFECT to your personal taste and artistry. 
SEASIDE provides you with the best canvass and paint. Toward this end, 

we provide the ABSOLUTE BEST in quality livestock, care knowledge, and experienced support in each customer’s/ARTIST’S ART PIECE at the best prices. 
SEASIDE always has in stock the LARGEST and most DIVERSE selection of the HEALTHIEST livestock, fish, supplies, and dry goods to create and then maintain your art piece.

IS THERE ANYTHING MORE FASCINATING THAN A LIVING, CHANGING, AND EVOLVING ART FORM?WE THINK NOT!Come visit the FRIENDLIEST ARTISTS in the industry at SEASIDE. We’re right next to the ocean breeze and we promise you that all artists will be INSPIRED! 

visit us today!

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